What is Soul Care Spiritual Coaching?

What exactly does a Spiritual Coach do?

“Spiritual [Coaches] are there to help others attend to God’s presence and revelation and prepare to respond to him. In other words, they help people attune themselves to God.” - David Benner, Sacred Companions. As a Soul Care Spiritual Coach in Mountain Lake, MN, I work with you to deepen your day-to-day experience of being deeply grounded in the goodness and presence of God. By helping you process, explore, and develop your life with God, Soul Care Spiritual Direction helps you stay connected to the real-time presence and love of God, resulting in a God-directed, God-empowered, and God-focused life.

Why Soul Care Spiritual Coaching?

DEEPEN YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD Dive into the treasures of the Kingdom and learn what it means to live from a place of healing and wholeness. DIRECTION THROUGH SIGNIFICANT TRANSITION OR LOSS Walk through challenges from a place of rest and learn how to follow His presence as your guide through highs and lows. A POWERFUL PRAYER LIFE Allow your journey through prayer to shift from what seems stagnant or stuck, to a daily communion in the riches of Christ. DISCERNMENT THROUGH CRITICAL LIFE CHOICES It’s from this central space of prayer that we can see our best next step, perhaps simply become more at peace with where God has us or become aware of an area He would like to refine. TURN RESTLESSNESS INTO TRANSFORMATION Let your search for something more catalyze you to learn how to live from the heart that Jesus gave you. MAKING SPACE TO BE STILL From stillness, you increase ability to love others well, create a more genuine life rooted in service and be able to guide others in a similar way.

What should I expect from a Spiritual Coach

FLEXIBILITY in partnership ranging from once a week to once a month. I will meet you where your budget allows. TEXT/EMAIL interactions with your Coach A TRUSTED companion on the journey of life SELF-DISCOVERY through a process of asking questions, finding truth, and becoming self-aware of how God made you. A GUIDE to walk with you through new prayer practices and spiritual disciplines DEDICATION to walk with the Holy Spirit through reflections and silence.