I take a faith-based approach to soul care that integrates Gospel-Centered Counseling and Soul Care Spiritual Coaching.  During our time together, we may address your spiritual, emotional, and physical health and wellness. All prices are suggested donation towards Ministry


I serve children, teens, adults, couples, and families via Counseling using the Bible, Soul Care Principles, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other techniques

Cost: $75 per session

6-session package $375

Pre-Marriage and Marriage Counseling

I utilize the Prepare/Enrich System. It is the number 1 premarital and marriage assessment for 35 years. It adapts and reacts to the changing reality of couple relationships and helps couples strengthen and enrich their relationships. It can be applied to couples, families, and church settings.

This tool has helped prevent many marriages from ending in divorce.

Cost: $600 for 8-session package 

Spiritual Coaching

As a Soul Care Spiritual Coach, I work with you to deepen your day-to-day experience of being deeply grounded in the goodness and presence of God. By helping you process, explore, and develop your life with God, Soul Care Spiritual Direction helps you stay connected to the real-time presence and love of God, resulting in a God-directed, God-empowered, and God-focused life.

Cost: $60 per session

6-session package $300

Gospel-Centered Enneagram Coaching

The Enneagram is an amazing resource and tool to illuminate a person’s heart to see if it is aligned or misaligned with the Gospel. It will help you see where you are misunderstanding God and others and then use that to transform your relationship with both. As you learn who you are and whose you are, you will be able to love others with more empathy, compassion, and grace. When you understand the Enneagram from this Biblical perspective, it can lead to a significant turning point in your personal and spiritual life. The Enneagram can become a tool for your growth and sanctification in Christ.

Cost: $300 for 5-session package

I’m a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit: All session costs are tax deductible
Scholarships are available upon request.