The Author of this book, Colleen Johnson, writes about her journey from a damaged soul, full of the wounds that come from tragedy, abuse, sinful choices, and rejection. She found herself on a hard path of healing through the principles of soul care. She now takes a unique approach to the idea of soul care by comparing it to the concept of home. When we allow Jesus to do transformational work in our souls to give us the feeling of home (loved, secure, nourished, accepted, and free) every day when we make it a practice to cultivate Jesus’ presence within us. As we abide in Him, we will feel at home in our inner being instead of being what she calls spiritually and emotionally “homeless.” You can learn to cultivate the presence of Jesus and work through key soul care principles and develop a rhythm of practices that incorporate the spiritual disciplines of feeding on God’s Word, worship and thanksgiving, listening prayer, praying scripture, and times of fasting and solitude. These practices create an atmosphere that God uses to fill us with more of Himself and His ways. The more of God we have, the more He guides us to tear down walls of self-protection, find the truth of who we are in Christ, and defeat the attacks of our enemy, Satan, so that we start walking more as Jesus walked. This process brings our soul to the home where it belongs.